Wednesday, 6 June 2012

i am really sorry..

Anger kills the ability to think.
And it all changed my life in a blink.
I was so depressed with the things happened to me.
I ignored and tried to hide it from all.
I unfriend you dear, but only I know I really missed being in touch with you.
Few minutes chats, some day’s talk it only once gave me strengths to lead ahead.
I missed your progress and pics you uploaded but still kept keep in check with the steps you leaded.
Now I am sorry and hope you forgive me.
And be again in touch, it’s just a matter of second when, you accept my friend request.
No more anger and distressed, I am back again with the patience in my head.
I have learnt many thing form you and wanna do the same,
With patience and silence, as you achieved,
Same as you, I want to one day make my name.
 Am sorry….really I am.

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