Sunday, 10 June 2012

After a long rained again.

As the clouds captured the blue sky,
It turned all dark like inside my heart.
The black cover prepared itself to flow,
With the loud thunder and wild wind were force to blow.
I stood alone when i decided to move far,
So my soul doesn't suffers any more.
You walked away making my life blank, 
And than it rained when the moon was my only friend.
With the shower flowing from from my top to toe,
I realised, i was so incomplete without you.
The season flew ed and you didn't come back,
And my wait continued without any end.

One day, you just walked into my life again.
And after a long wait, that day it rained,
Each drop on my face couldn't hide my tears flowing in pain,
I missed you and your love, 
You went far away, just to return forever.
Holding you in my arms i lived my live, 
Without any expectation or complain.
After a long wait .... it rained again...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Come die in my lap...

come die in my lap.
Wanna hold you so tight,
That you cant move away from my sight.
     Come to me, i wanna make love for you,
     Come to me, i wanna gift myself to you.
      Just close your eye,
     Come die in my lap.
Just stop your breath,
Take it from my heart.
Wanna kiss you whole night,
That you cant move away from my sight.
      Come to me, i wanna feel you.
      Come to me, i wanna steal you.
      Just close your eye,
      Come die in my lap.

i am really sorry..

Anger kills the ability to think.
And it all changed my life in a blink.
I was so depressed with the things happened to me.
I ignored and tried to hide it from all.
I unfriend you dear, but only I know I really missed being in touch with you.
Few minutes chats, some day’s talk it only once gave me strengths to lead ahead.
I missed your progress and pics you uploaded but still kept keep in check with the steps you leaded.
Now I am sorry and hope you forgive me.
And be again in touch, it’s just a matter of second when, you accept my friend request.
No more anger and distressed, I am back again with the patience in my head.
I have learnt many thing form you and wanna do the same,
With patience and silence, as you achieved,
Same as you, I want to one day make my name.
 Am sorry….really I am.