Saturday, 7 April 2012

It was you..who turn out to be strange!!!

You walked in life again like slowly blowing wind.
I will be your shadow.... always..
You turned me really by excepting me and my love.
You always kept me far away with all the pain you suffered.
You never tried to share them as they were not meant to be.
   You are again with me walking, smiling...
But I can feel that each day, still you are forced to suffer more.
I know you are fed up with all things going on,
   Just trust me I will never let you fall.
I will be your shed when the sun's rays will rise on,
I will be your shadow even when the light's on.
I will hold you each day even when the roads are not wrong,
I will be your light when the sight turns dark.
I will be your guide when success seems long. 
   It's me loving you and will be forever without even expecting to get in return.
   I need your smile to live my whole life,
   I will always be with you even if you turn out to be strange..

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