Monday, 19 March 2012

My love for him get's lost for ever.... as its gone deep inside me..

My love       Within a second my life changed,
Its raining...and..
no one know's that i m crying....
All my dreams washed away in rain.
As the season of water arrived,
The tears in my eyes flooded every night.
Each dark day went having a thought,
How will I live the rest of my life?
I cannot be with you nor without,
As the season will go, you will slowly be cleared out.
Every drop of rain makes me think of you,
That’s the reason why, I get daily wet in dew.
Please lord... let the season go... in the watery day,
I don’t want it to happen more.
Your thoughts, your love, I don’t want it anymore.
Let me forget you, your presence now a day hurt me more.
It’s not your fault, its mine I know,
That the reasons I don’t want to punish you anymore.
I don’t deserve you nor your love,
It is my deadly lives don’t make it more tough.
The situation I am in, no one will understand,
Words will say nothing just emotion is making all the plan....
Getting wet in rain why I love so much,
It only because in rain, nobody knows I am crying in pain...
With drop of tear, I want to clear you away, so as rain goes...
I will realize that you were never there.
I left you alone today, on the drizzling street,
One day, your feelings for me will be all deplete.
Water arises each day with the heavy fall,
Still my heart is waiting for god’s indicating call.
Let it get more flooded with every heavy shower,
So that with it, my love for him gets lost forever....
          as its goes deep inside me..........

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