Saturday, 24 March 2012

Its changed everywhere without him...

Now, I don't feel like opening my eyes,
 As i can't see anymore his good morning msgs..
The more he hates me,
my love for him grows...
I don't take much time choosing which cloths to where,
As I know now it makes no sense, as he don't see me anymore...
I don't feel like step outside the door,
As I know he will no more smile looking at me.
I eat more than i should now a days,
As I know he is no more to shout at me...
I had stopped listening music,
As i don't wanna cry each time listening to it...
I keep quite and try to hear him within me,
As i know he longer near to me.
I stay mixed up with all the friends,
As I can't suffer the more pain and bleed within, as he no more care...
I can no longer smile looking at the couples roaming outside,
As he will never come to hold my hands again...
I can no longer cry with the hurted heart inside,
As it's make no effect to him to see the tears fall...
I feel alone, alone on the crowed road,
As he will no longer come even if wait till the evening dawn.
I miss him, I love him...the more i use to,
As i know he will no more love me again..,
It adds hope and gives me a ray to live ahead without him,
 Even-thought its changed everywhere without him...

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