Sunday, 10 June 2012

After a long rained again.

As the clouds captured the blue sky,
It turned all dark like inside my heart.
The black cover prepared itself to flow,
With the loud thunder and wild wind were force to blow.
I stood alone when i decided to move far,
So my soul doesn't suffers any more.
You walked away making my life blank, 
And than it rained when the moon was my only friend.
With the shower flowing from from my top to toe,
I realised, i was so incomplete without you.
The season flew ed and you didn't come back,
And my wait continued without any end.

One day, you just walked into my life again.
And after a long wait, that day it rained,
Each drop on my face couldn't hide my tears flowing in pain,
I missed you and your love, 
You went far away, just to return forever.
Holding you in my arms i lived my live, 
Without any expectation or complain.
After a long wait .... it rained again...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Come die in my lap...

come die in my lap.
Wanna hold you so tight,
That you cant move away from my sight.
     Come to me, i wanna make love for you,
     Come to me, i wanna gift myself to you.
      Just close your eye,
     Come die in my lap.
Just stop your breath,
Take it from my heart.
Wanna kiss you whole night,
That you cant move away from my sight.
      Come to me, i wanna feel you.
      Come to me, i wanna steal you.
      Just close your eye,
      Come die in my lap.

i am really sorry..

Anger kills the ability to think.
And it all changed my life in a blink.
I was so depressed with the things happened to me.
I ignored and tried to hide it from all.
I unfriend you dear, but only I know I really missed being in touch with you.
Few minutes chats, some day’s talk it only once gave me strengths to lead ahead.
I missed your progress and pics you uploaded but still kept keep in check with the steps you leaded.
Now I am sorry and hope you forgive me.
And be again in touch, it’s just a matter of second when, you accept my friend request.
No more anger and distressed, I am back again with the patience in my head.
I have learnt many thing form you and wanna do the same,
With patience and silence, as you achieved,
Same as you, I want to one day make my name.
 Am sorry….really I am.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Some part of me is getting lost..
Some part of me is falling apart.
Getting lost within me....
Some part of me is getting ruined.
Some part of me is asking for divine.
     My eye have lost the water within it.
     My lips are fighting to smile.
     My ears have lost the sense of sound.
     My soul is slowly losing me.
Don't know till when i will stand.
Don't know till when i will not depart.
   I can sense now my hollowness within.
   And getting deeper and deeper without you.
I am getting lost within the dark, within the emptiness with me..
  But still i wanna feel for the last time...the love you have...
So you will not have to regret when i will be not there...
  And will be lost forever.....

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tu hi hai mera jahaa....

kyu tu mujhe chod chala???
Tu tu tu... tu hai mera.
Tu tu tu.... tu hai disha.
Tu tu tu.... tu hai jahaa...
       Tere bina jaaun kaha.

Tu mujhse ruthsa kyu gaya?
Kyu tu mujhe tanha kar chala.
Tu mujhse dur kyu badh gaya?
Kyu tu ab mujhe chod chala...?

Tu hi hai mera khuda.
Tu hi hai mera jahaa.
Tu hi hai khabo main sada...
     Tere bina ab lagena jeeya.

Tu tu tu... tu hi raat hai.
Tu tu tu... tu hi saat hai.
Tu tu tu... harpal  main hai.
Tu tu tu... mere kal main hai.

        Tu hi hai mera jahaa..
        Tere bina jaaun kaha...

Friday, 13 April 2012

Why can't you love me back?

hope one day you love me back.

You are standing beside me but even though your too far.
You are walking with me but each steps taken by you are different.
You are talking normally with me but the words seems to be changed a lot.
You are smiling with me but the freeness of laughter are gone.
You are appearing same to me but the attitude towards life is new.
You are loving me still in your heart but today your heartbeats are changed.

Hold my hands firmly I really need you.
Give me a hug tightly I really want you.
Care for me truly I really die for you.
Love me back purely I really can't live without you.
Why cant you love me back?
 Hope one day you love me back.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

It was you..who turn out to be strange!!!

You walked in life again like slowly blowing wind.
I will be your shadow.... always..
You turned me really by excepting me and my love.
You always kept me far away with all the pain you suffered.
You never tried to share them as they were not meant to be.
   You are again with me walking, smiling...
But I can feel that each day, still you are forced to suffer more.
I know you are fed up with all things going on,
   Just trust me I will never let you fall.
I will be your shed when the sun's rays will rise on,
I will be your shadow even when the light's on.
I will hold you each day even when the roads are not wrong,
I will be your light when the sight turns dark.
I will be your guide when success seems long. 
   It's me loving you and will be forever without even expecting to get in return.
   I need your smile to live my whole life,
   I will always be with you even if you turn out to be strange..

Sunday, 1 April 2012

I know it's you..... I can feel it.!!!

I only can love you..
It is hard to get you back...
The last night i really missed you..
The online chat and with all the love i showed,
It all went waste when you still didn't turn to me.
The second's appearance I got on video calling,
It gave a hope you will be back, 
When i caught you with tears.
Things turned out again what it was.... hurting and sad,
When words you texted meant all was just crap.
I slept without a drop of tears in my eyes,
As I got low with this usual talks.
Next day began with false smile on my face, 
But with the hope that one day you will feel for me back.
Friend consoled me and told me the same,
"He will be back one day, you just don't give up."
With smiles shedding i lived each sec now, 
Suddenly I got msgs with a unknown number and life got puzzled again.
I felt it was he, texted me being the third person all in all new to me.
But then he acted so well that even my heart got confused..
He told, " He was your past, I m your future and what to say about present its all in front of you".
I got furious and busted to the secret guy.
Who seems to know me well,
But the difference is that he is unknown to me. 
I thought it was the one, I am already in love.
I didn't replied then as i can only love him,
Even if he doesn't it will never bother me.
I hope it is he, the secret guy i think..
as I really miss him alot and the love which is lost..